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SCI can provide Executive Protection Agents for Congressional representatives and business executives.

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Survival Consultants International is composed of former military, intelligence, protection agents, and scientific investigators with literally several lifetimes experience in a myriad of regimens.

Through independent research and creative solutions, our consulting services assist those who are developing present-day solutions to age old obstacles. In every process, from concept to manufacturing, we can provide insights that are easy to overlook, and show you how to maximize your investments in your products or systems.

Our unique vision is un-rivaled. SCI is dedicated to solving daily mission issues that confront the world's heroes today and tomorrow.

Overall, Survival Consultants International offers to our clients the opportunity to submit the concepts that they seek to develop. We offer timely, intelligent and absolutely secure interface with our partner clients.

Contact us today with your projects. When Your Project goes through SCI, unquestionably, you will find that acquisition of funding is far easier to acquire.

Let us explain what we do and how we do it, then you can decide if you would like a quote. Quite simply, we are here to help you get what you need to move forward.

Sincerely, David Woroner, CEO, SCI

  • TacRail
  • TacRail featured in August 2012 issue of Shooting Industry
  • Developments in Phantom Pain Treatment

Read what our customers are saying about the WOR4 TacRail.

See the WOR4 TacRail in action!

SCI / Beretta

SCI / Beretta Meeting SCI / Beretta Meeting

SCI and Beretta USA/SPA complete initial negotiations!

SCI is supplying Beretta with the WOR TacRail, thus making SCI/Gear4Ops an Official Beretta Supplier/Manufacturer.

TacRail Package (Pistol Not Included) Double rail for lights/lasers on lower rail with optical sight above
Lower Rail ONLY TacRail Single rail for lower light/laser

Go to our ordering site, Gear4Ops to order Beretta Accessories. All rails come with spare component kits.

There are great products available from light manufacturing companies. However, their focus and goal is the light, NOT the mount. Survival Consultants International's WOR TacRail system specializes in nothing but the "platform".

"I can appreciate what the light manufacturing companies do, and, believe me, they have been kind to SCI for testing materials. The point is that there is no better platform for the Beretta M9/92FS pistol to accept third-party optics, lights, and lasers... If I had the slightest doubt about taking one into combat or high-risk threat situations, I would not sell it, period, ever." D.W.

See the manufacturing process!

The WOR TacRail System is a one or two-way Picatinny rail base for the Beretta M9/92FS pistols. You may contact us if you are interested in this product or company. Don't drill your gun!

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