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Maritime Protection Services

Monday, April 12th, 2010

SCI is now offering maritime defense and enforcement for commercial lines that are at risk from Somali pirate activities and other attacks in the commerce lanes off the cost of Africa. This new maritime security and special activities division will be headed by the recently appointed COO, JD Carpanzano. The President and CEO of SCI, David Woroner has worked in the executive protection industry for years and feels his experience combined with JD’s years of experience working with the intelligence community and PMCs (Private Military Contractors) creates a solid foundation for protection services.

As new threats become active you will see Survival Consultants leading the way with protection services tailored specifically for their clients. The following is a short list of services that are now available to small and large companies that have specific security needs.

  • Private Sector Security Consulting
  • Maritime Security and Guards
  • Body Guard and Personal Protection
  • Security Training and Audits
  • Shipping, Package and Container Escort Service

For more information you can contact the Maritime Security Service at SCI